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To the woman who feels like whatever she does is never enough & is tired of not seeing results that last...


I see you and I have created this space for you.

The Healthy Babes Club

A judgment-free zone for you to take control of your health & live your best life - happy & healthy! This club is the one-stop shop for you to learn how to make changes in the fundamental areas of your wellness. Each month we will focus on a topic, you can expect weekly recipes, monthly live Q&A, plus so much more.

I believe in the beauty of every woman's journey. Whether you're working on losing weight, gaining strength, or simply seeking more self-confidence, The Healthy Babes Club is here to support you.


Say goodbye to old habits that don't serve you and hello to lasting results with the Healthy Babes Club!




Healthy Babe Club Member Benefits:

  • Unlock exclusive access to recipes and meal plans on a weekly basis
  • Monthly wellness topics and expert guidance from a certified holistic nutritionist
  • Daily motivation and ongoing positive messaging
  • Monthly live coaching call with Q&A's
  • Access to an online course library with exclusive content¬†updated¬†regularly
  • Gain invaluable support and encouragement from like-minded women on the same path toward wellness
  • Plus so much more!
Join the Healthy Babes Club today!

Empowering Tips & Tricks

From quick and delicious healthy recipes to mindful practices that boost self-esteem, I've got a treasure trove of wisdom to share. Together, we'll explore what makes us feel strong, beautiful, and empowered from the inside out. 

Live Q&A Sessions

I know how it feels to have questions about fitness, nutrition, and the ever-changing journey of self-confidence. That's why I'm hosting live Q&A sessions to help you overcome your struggles. Let's learn and grow together! 

Supportive Community

Welcome to your tribe of uplifting, caring, and inspiring women. We're all about building each other up, cheering on progress, and reminding you of your worth every step of the way. With this community by your side, you'll find the strength to conquer any obstacle! 

Celebrating Victories, Big & Small!

No achievement is too small to celebrate! Whether it's making healthier food choices, completing a challenging workout, or finally embracing your reflection with a smile ‚Äď share it, and we'll shower you with applause and virtual high-fives!

Exclusive Challenges & Prizes

Join fun and rewarding challenges tailored just for you! From self-love challenges to fitness milestones, each achievement unlocks exciting prizes and a sense of accomplishment that will fuel your journey even further. 

"This club creates a space and community to not only make healthier choices but rather helps you to prioritize your own personal wellness and learn how to put yourself first. We live in a world of influence, and this is the kind of content and community I want to be influenced by daily!" 

Bronte (current member)

"The first few weeks have been incredibly uplifting and positive. The women in this club are not afraid to hype you up and give you tips when you need them. The daily quotes always seem to be exactly what I need to hear. The recipes have changed how I make meals. I am running my first half marathon in a few days and I posted about it in the club; the positive encouragement that I received absolutely warmed my heart and gave me the fire that I needed." 

Trisha (current member)



Do you struggle with your self-esteem, feeling overwhelmed with your health, and unable to sustain results? 

If so, the Healthy Babes Club is the perfect fit for you!

The club provides you with the tools and resources you need to improve your self-esteem, manage your health, and achieve lasting results. Offering an online community of like-minded women, weekly health challenges, and coaching to help you reach your goals.

With the Healthy Babes Club, you can finally take control of your health and happiness and start living your best life.

The best time to join the Club is RIGHT NOW!

Take advantage of the limited-time discount to become an early member and lock in your special rate for life!

The Healthy Babes Club

$35 CAD/month

  • Weekly recipes
  • Monthly 7-day meal plan
  • Daily motivation message
  • Monthly live¬†coaching call
  • Access to exclusive educational content¬†
  • A selection of resources and blueprints
  • Access to private community
  • (BONUS)¬†Free 15-minute 1:1 consultation with Nicole
  • (BONUS) 25% off supplement orders through online dispensary


If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Healthy Babes Club, let me know within the first 14 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Don't wait another moment to embrace the happier and healthier life you deserve. 

Join the Healthy Babes Club today and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Join the Healthy Babes Club today!