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Are you struggling with a lack of energy and not sure why?

This could be happening because of a combination of things. Poor diet, mindset, and lifestyle factors can all disrupt normal body functions contributing to your lack of energy.

In my opinion, our bodies were not meant to run all day and experience the amount of stress we do today. The high levels of cortisol circulating our bodies impact our overall health and wellbeing.

Accepting that your body and brain need time to relax and recover is important. It’s no different than resting a broken leg. Now, when I say this I don’t mean take 3 weeks vacation and lay on the couch until you suddenly don’t feel tired anymore. That might sound nice for the first couple hours, but if you’re anything like me you will go find things to fill your time (potentially leading you to add more stress) OR you take the 3 weeks off from your obligations and come back to even more stress. We don't want that either so instead, I suggest doing the following things to help you feel more energized throughout your day.

Work on your mindset

Your own beliefs can be a big contributor to your lack of energy by the end of the day. I suggest doing check-in moments throughout the day to bring presence to the tasks you are doing. Maybe you have to do a task you are not super excited about so what is something you can be grateful for? Example: I have to have an uncomfortable conversation with an employee or client - In this situation, I get to release tension. I am connecting with another human to resolve an issue.

Eat more whole foods with a lower glycemic index

Choosing foods with a lower glycemic index and including protein and fiber at each meal and snack can help reduce the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels. Foods with a low GI value are slowly digested and absorbed, which means a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels. Drastic changes in your blood sugar levels can directly impact your energy levels. For example, the food you are choosing to eat at lunch can bring on your afternoon lull. Choosing to eat low glycemic foods for your meals and snacks can help you reduce major swings in your energy levels.

Surround yourself with good energy people

Work with individuals that are healers or support systems and give you energy. We are highly influenced by our environments and too often they include others that are overwhelmed with stress which can lead you to feel stressed too. Surrounding yourself with blissful people can impact your overall energy. Whether this is in your office, or a peer group or coach - make sure these individuals increase your wellbeing - not suppress it.

Do more joyful things

EVERY DAY! Squeeze in some time to do something that brings you happiness. Your days may be full, but try delegating some tasks to others so you can use this time to do something that brings you joy (not more work). Examples; walking the dog, drawing, dancing, face-timing a friend or family member. Even if it’s 5-10 minutes to get a hit of dopamine this can increase your energy levels for the remainder of the day.

Stay hydrated

Low energy levels can happen because of dehydration. Water is required for all of our body’s functions. It transports nutrients so staying hydrated is very important. Keep a water bottle handy at all times!

Get good sleep

The quality of our sleep can greatly impact our energy levels as it influences our hormones. It helps to have a nighttime routine that prepares our body for a good night's rest. This should include avoiding screen time at least one hour before bed and sleeping in a dark and cool room.

These things can help you increase your energy and get you feeling your best!


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