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Important Reminders to Help You Become the Best Version of You

If you didn't know, I am a personal-development junkie!! I am always looking for ways to improve my life so when our friends asked us to go to Austin for the first @growthday live event, with @brendonburchard - we didn't hesitate to buy tickets! I may or may not have screamed with excitement when I heard @edmylett was speaking... that dude has been a source of learning how to live a better life for me every week for many years!⁠

I didn't know what to expect for this event, I just went in with the intention of being open and having fun! We spent 3.5 days up on our feet, networking, dancing, clapping, and shouting affirmations, and the best thing is...⁠

I have come home feeling the most like myself. ⁠

Better yet, I feel ALIVE.

⁠I learned a lot that has helped me and I want to share a few key takeaways with the intention to help you change your life too!

1. Live your life with more intention every. single. day!

One way that Brendon Burchard lives (which I find incredibly inspiring) is by asking himself 3 simple questions each day...

  1. Did I live?

  2. Did I love?

  3. Did I matter?

It's so easy for us to complicate our lives. Be stuck in reaction mode. Tending to work, rushing around for others, figuring out how to respond to the 1 million requests life has BUT if we change our daily approach to simplify it and ask ourselves these important questions - our life can be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. Moving forward, I am seeking to answer these questions each day.

Tip: Use a journal to reflect on these questions. To help make it a common practice, set a reminder on your phone (you can also use the GrowthDay app by signing up here).

2. Don't wait around for energy, generate it!

We think we should just feel energized all the time and then when we aren't, we think there is something wrong with us. But if you were to look at your daily habits, would you say that the majority of them are energy-producing or energy-sucking? It's not uncommon to think "energy-sucking"... Scrolling social media, dealing with work tasks, tending to the kids, etc. Sure you might exercise between 30-60 minutes a day, and drink your water, but what else?

We need to reset ourselves more often so that we can feel life and experience energy more often!

Tip: Something I learned that I am applying to my own life is to take a quick break every hour and reset my body with Qigong and a quick affirmation.

3. Time is the most valuable, stop wasting it!

We think we have all the time in the world, but all we have is now.

My gosh, I know this, and yet I have found myself wasting time in a lot of areas.

All those times I have scrolled social media to find myself in self-doubt & sad emotions = time wasted.

Those moments I have been distracted or hung up on shit that truly doesn't matter = time wasted.

Losing a loved one, getting sick, and having life flash before your eyes is a BIG reminder that we are not promised time. We think we can get around to making change, but why wait? Take action now.

Tip: Manage your time better by time-blocking and being intentional with how you spend it.

"You are one choice away from a new beginning and one commitment away from a new life." - Trent Shelton

4. Make being happy simple.

Why do we make it so hard on ourselves to experience happiness? We think it's weird for someone to experience happiness and joy the majority of the time. Start learning how to enjoy your journey more often. You deserve to be happy on a regular basis!

Tip: Practice gratitude and focus on all the good things in your life. Take that abundance mindset instead of scarcity. Also, notice how you make others feel. Helping others feel good can do wonders for your happiness too.

5. You can move past self-doubt & rejection!

You can change the relationship you have with rejection and your self-belief. Changing this can change your life in an extremely positive way.

Tip: Take time to reflect on the things you say and believe about yourself. Are they true? Are they empowering or limiting? Rewrite any beliefs that limit you to ones that serve you, uplift you and help you move forward in your life.


This is a reminder to you that self-improvement is not selfish. It's selfish not to improve yourself.

I know you might think that taking time to focus on yourself takes away from the time you can give to others but there's a reason there is a saying "You can't pour from an empty cup". When you lack the ability to be emotionally resilient or you don't learn how to take responsibility for your life, it's easier to become a burden to others (which I mean, no one wants to be that, right?!).

When you choose to put off taking care of your health, it's much harder for you to show up as the best version of yourself that I know you want to be to others.

For some, this message may seem harsh but for those of you ready to hear this message and ready to start living your life a different way, I hope you find this message empowering. You are capable of changing your life through simple changes.


If you need help getting started or you are looking for some guidance on how to change the state of your health and wellness, please send me a message :)


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