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Do you eat on the go?

A lot of us do our best to pack our days and make them as productive as possible. But because we are so busy throughout the day we often don’t take the time to eat and instead we choose to grab something quick we can snack on. These quick items we choose to grab typically come from a package and may not be the best option for our health.

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Easy grab & go items like protein bars, crackers, chips, energy drinks or juices, baked goods, and chocolate bars are pre packed for our convenience but they are not convenient for our bodies!

Most packaged foods contain ingredients that impact our health. They are high in sugar, high in trans fats, and additives like artificial flavors, colors, and binders that increase shelf life and appeal to our taste buds. Snacks with all of these fillers are ultimately wasted calories that expend your body's energy to burn or store calories which directly contribute to chronic diseases. Also, many of these packaged foods have been stripped of fiber which has effects on our digestion. Without proper digestion, we can’t properly absorb nutrients.

Choose foods that are in a more nourishing and unprocessed state that can support your busy lifestyle.

Instead of the packaged foods that ultimately don't support your health, consider grabbing snacks that are as wholesome and chemical free as possible (local is a good option too!).

Some suggestions for on the go snacks:

  • Raw nuts and seeds

  • Vegetables (all of them!)

  • Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices to replace soda pops and energy drinks. (cold pressed juices is another good option)

  • Try chia seed puddings or puddings made from avocados in a mason jar.

  • Banana, apples or fresh berries

  • Homemade raw energy bars

Try this homemade Raw Energy Bar recipe.


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