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Tis the season to create new health

Spring is known to be the most creative and fertile time in Nature. Which calls for the perfect time to assess our current health program and rid of anything that is no longer serving us. We can plant "new seeds" (habits) to replace the old ones and nourish them by making changes to help them "grow" (habitual).

Aligning with nature's rhythm can help us on our journey of change. New life is appearing each day as the winter melts away. I don't know about you but I am so ready to make some changes in my life and create some new habits that support and nourish me. As well as kick some habits I don't need anymore to the curb.

Areas to make changes can include the following:


This is a good time to take note of what your current diet is like and see if your eating habits are supporting your needs. Are you eating primarily rich foods like proteins and fats which our bodies tend to crave in the winter? As spring progresses, the amount of fresh produce available to us may encourage you to increase them in your diet. Green is abundant and these beautiful green foods are chlorophyll-rich and have cleansing properties. This can support your "out with the old, in with the new" both physically and mentally. Lemons are also in season and they too have purifying properties to support you. Try starting your mornings with a glass of water with lemon.

Eat what's in season to get the cleanest and freshest produce.

  • Arugula, asparagus, baby greens, beets, fresh herbs, kale, spinach, radishes, lemons, mangoes, pineapple, grapefruit, and strawberries. Find the full list here.


Are there activities that you are doing daily or weekly that are not serving you anymore? Have you been spending too much time watching Netflix or on the couch? Check-in with yourself to see if there are some habits that you would like to remove from your routine. A good way to get rid of these habits is to create new ones that excite you. Is there an activity you want to introduce into your routine? Now is the best time to start.


We are easily influenced by our environments and the people we surround ourselves with. Be sure to evaluate the people you spend time with. It is okay to identify that some people just don't align with your rhythm. It is also A-OK to remove them from your life or at least spend less of your energy on/with them. It is just as important to surround yourself with others that empower you and support your change. One expression to keep in mind is: "don't be the big fish in a small pond" and if you do go find a bigger pond to swim in.

Self Talk

Do you have beliefs about yourself that are not supporting you? Your self-talk and the choice of words you use can greatly impact your well-being and your path to success. Affirmations can have the potential of re-programming beliefs that are holding you back. Try introducing affirmations like the ones below:

  • I am willing to begin where I am right now.

  • I am willing to release the pattern in me that created these conditions.

  • I am in the process of positive change.

  • Each moment of my life is new and fresh and vital.


Above are just a few areas to help you transition into a new creative, healing, and rejuvenating season of your life! Enjoy the process. It's the best part!


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