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Easy Crispy Fruit Salad

Often, my snacks need to be 3 things:

fruit salad
  1. Quick

  2. Nutrient-dense

  3. Taste good

This salad is one of those snacks and it includes banana - one of my favorite foods.

Did you know bananas contain beneficial fiber, antioxidants, and potassium? They are also a prebiotic which feeds beneficial bacteria in our gut. Scared of the sugar contents? Unlike processed sugars, bananas contain minerals that our bodies need.

I also recently learned about the emotional support element of bananas...(if you're into that kind of thing)... According to the Medical Medium, "bananas strengthen the core of who we are, encouraging us to peel back our false shields and expose our true selves. The can help reverse a state of mind that's saturated with fear. On top of that, they help us express our true desire to be productive".

How powerful is that? Next time you're eating a banana, try to identify if you have any shields up or fear you have holding you back from something.

Now here's the recipe:

  • A large handful of mixed crispy greens

  • 1/2 a banana (sliced)

  • 1/2 a small apple diced

  • 1 Medjool date diced

  • 1 tbsp. of hemp seeds

  • walnuts

  • squeeze fresh orange juice

  • drizzle almond butter

  • alfalfa sprouts

Toss it all in a bowl and enjoy!!!


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