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What I do to support my happiness

What can I say, there have been some really awesome things happening in my life right now and they are all contributing to my good mood. BUT I know my diet & lifestyle directly contribute to me feeling my happiest. So that is why I make sure to be conscious of all my choices and ensure they support my wellbeing and the person I want to show up as every day.

Some things I include in my daily routine that support my happiness:

Eat good mood foods

  • I know the foods I eat impact my mood. If I consume too much sugar, dairy, and sometimes gluten I feel drained, I experience headaches and my stomach is hard as a rock. ALL of these symptoms put me in a mood that no one wants to be around. I even have a hard time looking in the mirror sometimes. So instead I choose to eat lots of natural whole foods that support my mental health such as blueberries (high in antioxidants), whole grains (high in B vitamins which boost energy & fiber), leafy greens (magnesium and iron), and nuts & seeds (healthy fats).


  • Taking the time to write out my feelings keeps me from bottling things up or suppressing my emotions. I like writing out how my day was, what I’m looking forward to, and what things I feel I need to adjust. One thing I recently started doing that has made a HUGE impact on my happiness is writing out my life vision before bed. I just throw as many words onto a page as I can about all of the things I desire for my life and I am as specific as possible. When I can picture what something is going to feel like, it FUELS my happiness and I feel really good before I go to sleep.

Working out & moving my body

  • Not only does moving my body support my heart health and my lymphatic system but it boosts my mood! I may experience feelings of frustration and exhaustion during workouts because they are tough but overall I am so happy I put myself through it afterward. Outside of my consistent exercise, I try to move my body in ways that I enjoy such as walking the dog, biking, and golfing.

Get outside

  • Rain, sun, or snow... I do my best to get outside. The fresh air and sunshine contribute to my happiness. The sun is one of the best (& free) sources of Vitamin D which is essential to our wellbeing.

Daily dose of Vitamin L

  • One of the most important nutrients for optimum health in my opinion is more Vitamin L (love). Whether it is cuddling my furbabies, Joy & Ivy, spending time with new friends, connecting with others, & of course just being with Cody I do everything I can to be present in each moment and feel ALL THE LOVE. Love is energizing and many body functions depend on a healthy dose of it, including our brain & heart.

What do you include in your day that contributes to your happiness? Send me a message on one of my social profiles. I would love to hear from you!

One of the great things fueling my mood (aside from my food) is that my BFF has asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.. EEEK. I ran away in a panic because I was caught off guard and then ran right back to him & of course said yes!! I am over the moon and excited to solidify our partnership. The full story is on our amazing photographer's Instagram page (Carissa Marie) who captured the whole thing.


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