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What to Eat to Support Healthy Weight Loss

Have you ever tried a diet that you wish you didn't?

Like what was that way you tried to lose weight that left you feeling like "fuuuuuckkkkkk I will never do that again..."

Don't worry, you're not alone!

I've seen everything from cutting out several foods like carrots and potatoes because of the sugar content to only relying on diet supplements and experiencing nasty side effects.

So WTF do you eat if you want to lose weight!?

What I have found is most diets tell you what you can't eat and the most stressful thing for people trying to lose weight is knowing wtf to eat. Our food industry markets "low calorie", "low fat" "zero sugar" and "keto" foods and we think this is what we need in order to lose weight. But this is simply not true. This has created a lot of people to become overwhelmed with their food choices. But what we need to eat if we want sustainable weight loss and to truly nourish ourselves is actually very simple.

It's REAL food.

We are unique beings and our exact needs are going to vary from person to person but what I can say is we all need to nourish ourselves with good quality food. This is food that is minimally processed and contains the most live nutrients. Each food offers our body different nutrients and is more than just protein, fats, and carbs. They contain valuable micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support our entire body. These valuable nutrients are hard to come by in boxed and packaged foods.

Before I dive into some of my favorite real foods that support a healthy waistline, I want to remind you that food is meant to be nourishing but it is also meant to be enjoyable. What I mean by this is there are whole foods that are nutrient dense and then there are foods that may not be as nutrient dense but make our lives "whole". These foods are what I like to call "fun" foods and if they make your life whole by experiencing them then they should be part of your diet in moderation - guilt free!!

Examples of real foods that support healthy weight loss :)

⁠Below are some examples of REAL foods that should be included in your daily diet that will support your journey to a healthy and happy body!

Fermented foods

These foods support our gut health with good gut bacteria that play a major role in our body like absorbing nutrients, supporting our immune system, and our moods. Sources: raw sauerkraut, kefir, and miso. ⁠

Foods high in fiber ⁠

Fiber supports healthy bowel movements and helps reduce any build-up of toxins. Sources: plants like fruits, veggies, & grains ⁠(all those good carbs that most diets tell you that you can't have!)

Foods containing quality protein

Protein is king! We need quality protein to build our hormones that support a healthy metabolism and also to create important neurotransmitters that stabilize our mood. Sources: clean meat products, wild-caught seafood, lentils, quinoa. ⁠

Foods that are dark, leafy, and green

These babies are high in nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins which support our stress response and our metabolism⁠. Sources: kale, spinach, arugula. ⁠

Foods that are bright in color

As mentioned above, foods offer us a variety of nutrients partly due to their phytonutrients! Each different colored food provides the body with different phytonutrients which are often anti-inflammatory & have antioxidant properties supporting our organs and overall health. ⁠

Foods that are fresh, and minimally processed⁠

Opt for clean, organic, locally grown foods as often as possible because products sprayed with pesticides can pose a threat to our health (an increase of toxins, liver overload and damage to our gut health, also f up our hormones)⁠

Foods that have thermogenic effects ⁠

Yes, you bet there are foods that can heat up our body which can fire up and support our metabolism. Sources: spices like cayenne & black pepper, green tea. ⁠

*REMINDER* The most effective diet is the one that you can stick to! Failing to keep to a diet can not only affect your health and metabolism but can also cause distrust in yourself and lower your self-esteem and confidence. Knowing this, make your diet one that is nourishing and enjoyable that you can sustain!


If you're ready to ditch the yo-yo diets, stressing about what you're eating, and losing sleep...⁠

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