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The Help You Need

As your certified Nutritional Wellness Consultant, I offer you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential. Take a look at my service and see how we can work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

1:1 Health Coaching 

Want to take control of your health and combat stress, fatigue, and stubborn weight? 

Well, you are in the right place! My proven Flourish Forward Method is ideal for you if you want a personalized program that helps you transform your health goals into permanent changes! My method will help you target stubborn weight, boost your energy, manage your stress, and health your relationship with food. It's time to take back your life and feel confident in your body! 

Learn more and apply here. 


Intensive Consultation

Need a place to start but can't commit to long term coaching yet? An intensive consultation is for you! We get to know each other over a 75-minute meeting where you will receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Giving you the education & tools you need to begin feeling better!



Offering a wide range of group presentations, from corporate wellness, staff education or information sessions, and food demos customized to your needs.

Contact me about setting up the right workshop for you!


Custom Nutrition Plans

Coming up with healthy, easy meals, that are delicious but still meet your nutrition needs can be overwhelming.

To help with this, I offer customized nutrition plans that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

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