A little bit about me

I grew up in Alberta, and ate the same meals most families in the prairies do. We rotated the same 3-4 meals that included some kind of meat and starch. Such as spaghetti and meatballs one night and the next night, steak and potatoes.

It wasn’t until my dad was diagnosed with cancer that my awareness of the importance of nutrition really showed up. I watched my mom encourage him to try natural alternatives like juicing and eating cleaner during his last years of life, which he did; sometimes putting up a fight. He was stubborn and rightfully so. He lived his life the way he did and ate a certain diet for 47 years. Change can be hard especially when you're faced with a life-threatening disease. When he stayed at the hospital for treatments, I witnessed what kind of foods he was being fed during his stay. Things like puddings, jello, juice, mashed potatoes, and ice cream cups. Even before I went to school for Holistic Nutrition, I knew the types of foods he was being fed were low in nutrition. I was curious why we would feed someone that needs their immune system, foods that don't support it? So I became quite curious about the power of food and its impact on our health.

I enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition the same year my dad passed. I knew it would be a stepping stone for me to take control of my own health and wellness so I don't face the same hardships my dad did. Or if I do, I have the tools to heal myself.

And now here I am excited to share my passion and knowledge to help you build a healthier diet and life! 

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